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Ryder - From email

Hello casting friends at Bravo Models,


Do you scout and work with male talent as well? Or could you please refer me and let me know who does?! 


My name is Joel. I live near Fort Myers, FL and I'm very open to travel anywhere in the USA! Looking for a recurring B/G work or B/G/G.


I'm a former gymnast and English teacher...random right?! 😄 I'm also an avid motorcycle rider. I've recently ridden my motorcycle from Ecuador through the Panama Canal and all the way up to Mexico!


Now I'm ready for my next unique content performer! I can bring what it takes to create amazing videos with mass appeal. I was gifted with a nice sized tool (and good looking, not curved, with a thick shaft and head). I’ve got broad shoulders and a natural V-shaped torso. Also I have NO tattoos, and NO piercings.


I will be a pleasure to work with as I build rapport quickly with everyone and aim to please. I’m very responsible and prompt. A huge team player, I know the work is about the agency as a group, not me individually. I’m happy to contribute. I’m not the standard, inexperienced young guy looking for a shortcut into the industry.


I don’t drink, have never done drugs and I don't smoke anything. Mangos and chocolate are my vices if I were to say I have any. I just got back from 6 months in Medellin, Colombia and am completely available.


I'm enclosing some photos! I have some full body / nudes I can send as well if you need.


Thank you for reading and considering. I hope my sincerity and enthusiasm come through in this message. Have a great day.


Best, -Joel Nelson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 941-759-9010 


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Monday, 15 April 2024