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Lucia Denvile in old train with lace underwear

Lucia Denvile was an old train locomotive that had been in service since the mid-1800s, and had seen some of the most important events in history. She was a reliable engine, and had traveled to many places, carrying both passengers and freight. During her long career, she had been on the front lines of some of the most important events in history, and had experienced both the good and the bad. When she was decommissioned in the early 20th century, she was seen as a symbol of bygone days, and she was preserved for posterity. Although she was no longer in service, she was still well-known and respected for the role she had played in the railway industry. She was a beloved engine, and those who had ridden in her cab remember her fondly. She was a reminder of an era gone by, and a reminder that it is never too late to remember the past and the important role it had in shaping the present.

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